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The mission of my marketing activity is to offer clients modern and effective marketing services to significantly increase business profitability.

Интернет маркетолог Грачев Никита
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Marketing is really just about sharing your passion

The sky's the limit

I offer quality marketing services that will help your business grow

As a professional digital marketer, I offer you a full range of modern marketing services that meet international standards. I have an individual approach to each business case, and you can follow the progress of work in real time.

Effective digital marketing is my job

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My website is my best portfolio! Want a similar one? E-mail me



The backbone of every site can be only good SEO



From contextual advertising to high-quality promotion - I solve any business case

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Email marketing

"Email has an ability many channels don't: creating valuable, personal touches at scale."

Social Media

Social Media​​

High-quality and thoughtful SMM

Content marketing

Content Marketing​

"Good content is not storytelling, it is telling your story well"


how to promote on instagram

How to promote on instagram

How to promote on Instagram today? The social network Instagram is constantly changing, new functions are being added to it, old ones are becoming more

Social media promotion methods

Social media promotion methods

Social media promotion methods are constantly changing – old methods give way to new ones, as the generation of millennials is being replaced by a

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From promotion of trainings to large online stores – I can solve any business case

Take a peek inside effective digital marketing

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From design and PPC to professional websites and SEO

Professional digital marketer

I have such a large portfolio of completed business cases that I decided to share my experience, which no doubt will help other people to conduct effective marketing campaigns.

Blog can be found here.

Over the course of 10 years, I have completed cases ranging from simple SMM projects to complex marketing campaigns, that included ATL advertising and retail promotions.

I can work with any business – from simply creating a website for a startup to listing on international e-commerce marketplaces, such as alibaba.

Entrust the growth of your business to a professional.

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