3 most effective Instagram promotion tools you don’t use

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Instagram promotion tools are not limited to simply searching for and putting hashtags to a post. This is just a basic promo tool we all heard of and in today’s world there are plenty of new and exciting things one can do to improve a page’s traffic.

Here 3 most effective instagram promotion tools you don’t use, but definitely should.

1. Putting hashtags in the first comment

Most users start to notice a rise in engagement when they put hashtags in the first comment. There is a debate of whetever it greatly affects one’s rating in feed, but most notable instagram accounts still use this feature. Also it makes your hashtags hidden, and a user sees only a post’s description – which also makes a fine display. An online posting service smmplanner even has a basic function of posting a first comment with hashtags with your post.

2. Use story highlights as a catalogue

Use yours old stories via story highlights as a catalogue on your page. A perfect option is to gather all of stories about one product in one set and do that with all of your best offerings. This is a great option, since all of your products will be on display at the moment a new visitor sees your account.

3. Use IGTV and other instagram’s new features

This might be a secret to some, but instagram tries hard to promote IGTV and its other new features, such as a creator profile or new stories filters. When you use all the new features the instagram algorithm gives your account a good boost in feed. Try ’em all, and you will be rewarded.

Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram

Публикация от LITTLE ROCK band from Syberia (@littlerockbandfromsyberia1)


As we can see instagram promotion tools are not limited to the basic ones we are all acquinted to. There are more to explore, and by using new methods of promotion the social network gives a pretty good boost to such page.

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