4 Basic Types of Social Media Content you can use

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Do you like some fancy new singer, and want to create a fan community? Or you record your songs or make cool graphics design and you want the world to hear / see your creativity? Whatever business in the internet you might have it needs to be on social networks. Here are the 4 basic types of Social Media Content you can use to increase your number of subscribers.

1. Emotional content

Try to upload a video with a cute cat or a monkey sitting on your shoulder. You will instantly see a reaction! In today’s world, a user needs to be pulled in instantly. Emotional content makes the job done the best.

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Публикация от Nikita Grachev (@uptown.musicprojects)


2. Interactive content

Since about 2015, interactive content has become increasingly popular on social media – quiz, polls and so on. Use ‘em! Even a simple question like “how is the weather in your city today?” will create a big wave of interactivity. If you attach a photo from your window to the post, to start the interactive, the result will not be long in coming! With this content you can make your audience more loyal to your company or simply to you personally (try to make a simple but interesting poll on your personal page – you will immediately see the result!).



3. Beautiful visual content

Want to filter your selfie and add a funny signature, but don’t know how to use Photoshop? We assure you, most insta models and companies have long found a simpler and more elegant way to make content better! The simplest example is canva.

On this website, you can literally make your content truly unique and attractive in a few clicks. Give it a try!

4. User content

Today’s Facebook groups have great opportunities to post content from users. For example, if you are engaged in a group about rock music of the 90s, then let users post photos from concerts of that time, ask questions about which band they like the most or conduct joint viewings of Youtube videos.

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