Backlinks: what are they and why you need them

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There are many ways to promote a website in search engines: original and interesting content, contextual advertising, good entry of keys into the content, and much more. However, many SEO specialists distinguish backlinks a separate SEO tool which can greatly enhance a website’s rating. What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links leading to a site from external sources. The more trusted the source where the link is located, the better it affects the position of the promoted site.

To date, the effect of citing a site on the Internet remains one of the most successful methods of promotion. And traffic from links is not so much an indicator of work, but the effect of better ranking in search engines. But how to get back links to a beginner site?

Quality backlinks and how to get them.

  1. Article marketing

Article marketing refers to the publication of an article or other content on third-party resources in order to obtain links to a promoted website. There are two ways to do this:

  • Find resources on the Internet that agree to publish your content;
  • Use third-party services.

In practice, on the first point, you can find sites on the Internet that agree to barter “content in exchange for links,” but not everyone agrees to publish articles for free. Also, promoting a site of a potential competitor is also not always a worthy occupation. However, this option is quite good, and on the Internet you can find a lot of content written by third-party authors.

The second option for promotion involves the use of third-party resources, for example miralinks. The main advantage of using this service is that your articles may appear on the most authoritative Internet resources, in particular on news websites. The main disadvantage is that the more authoritative the resource, the more expensive it is to post an article there.



  1. Backlinks on third-party websites

Link posted on a third-party website also deliver a prolific effect on a promoted website. For example, if you create websites as a full-time or part-time job, then do not forget to place your link on them, for example, “the site is made by”. This will greatly improve the position of your site.

You can also use the old and proven method – ask your friends and acquaintances to place links to your site on their resources.

Since we examined the main ways of placing backlinks, it is worth recalling a very important point regarding the safety of this lesson. It’s worth stating directly: backlinks are gray SEO.

In order not to get confused in concepts, we will analyze all 3:

White, Gray and Black SEO

White SEO is a set of measures that do not violate the rules of search engines and affect the website optimization in a natural way.

This category includes unique and high-quality content, technical website optimization, including page speed, and, of course, contextual advertising. The latter will definitely give more traffic to your site, which will positively affect the further promotion of the resource.

Gray SEO – these are methods aimed at artificial external optimization of the resource. One of these methods is the purchase of backlinks.

Black SEO involves forbidden methods of external optimization that have a quick effect, but often lead to the site getting under filters. Such methods include, for example, the creation of sites – satellites – many of the same type of Internet resources that promote 1 specific website.

Let us briefly outline how search engines see high-quality SEO: it should be natural, without signs of artificial cheat and carry useful information or a function for the user.

SEO обратные ссылки


Now we can outline the most important question: is it worth using backlinks as a way to promote?

Yes, it is. However, the backlinks should be very neat and as high quality and transparent as possible. Do not forget that the “link explosion” is a very dangerous thing for SEO, and can only do harm. Therefore you can write guest articles or leave backlinks to a promoted resource; however you should withstand the time period and do not use poor-quality links.

What are poor-quality links?

Poor-quality links are backlinks to a resource purchased on link exchanges. Most often, they do not carry any semantic load and are placed on low-quality websites on a paid basis. You should be careful if you still decide to buy backlinks, because they will do more harm than good.

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