BTL promotions in 2020: 4 new trends in trade marketing

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BTL promotions today are no longer surprising – we all constantly come across promoters at points of sale, buy goods at discounts or participate in prize draws. However, promotion technologies do not stand still and BTL promotions are no exception.

Immediately we will analyze one spoiler for the article – all promos now can not do without a digital component. Therefore, no matter how trade marketers want to carry out everything traditionally, today this cannot be done. The modern market and retail business have changed a lot over the past 5 years.

BTL promotions in 2020: 4 new trends in trade marketing

  1. ATL advertising with BTL promotions

Today, more and more often you can see ads in various media (including the Internet), telling about various gifts when buying certain goods. And in order for this promotion to be successful, in stores of distribution chains where the action is held, one can meet promoters in company clothes giving out gifts and advertising the goods.

Such BTL promotions are quite expensive, because if advertising is launched at the federal level, then promoters should work at least in all outlets of a certain federal retail chain throughout the country. Such a promo format can be difficult, but with the right approach, it will pay off, and photos and videos of giving gifts will be good content for online promotion.

  1. Promo packaging with codes

Today it’s hard to imagine that the client did not need to register online during the drawing. However, prize draws are not the only BTL promotions where active online participation is required. Such promotions may also include discounts on online purchases.

For example, in major retail chains, you can sell a batch of goods with a new promotional package – only for the period of the promotion, of course. In the design of promotional packaging, you should indicate a promotional code or any other call to action that will allow the client to receive certain bonuses, and the company to earn, for example, from sales through its own online store.

  1. Regional prize draws

The time has passed when companies held large prize draws within the whole country – today everything can be done within a specific region, and sometimes even with the help of a specific retail chain. For example: a well-known food producer, in partnership with a large retail chain in the region, holds a prize draw of a car and other prizes in the period from October to December.

The manufacturer undertakes the obligations to provide gifts, make commercials (including on the Internet), conduct BTL promotions (including with promoters), conduct an advertising campaign on the Internet, and so on. The retail chain, in turn, undertakes obligations to give a discount on products participating in the promotion and to help organize BTL promos.

  1. Partnership

Today, partnerships between different companies no longer seem to be something new, but this has not always been the case. Typically, to promote a product, the manufacturer relies on its own capabilities, plus the capabilities of distributors and partners. However, today the situation has changed.

The simplest example is a promotional package for a product released in honor of a sporting event or product placement in a movie. Of course, this can be not only souvenirs or toys, but also a long-established product that can be further promoted with the help of BTL promotions in a certain period.

For example, in cooperation with manufacturers of dishes, it is possible to conduct BTL promotions “gift for purchase”, when a customer receives dishes as a gift when buying a certain volume of products. Another noteworthy example is the promotional packaging of beer or soda during a particular movie run (every company likes some product placement).

Separately, it is worth talking about internal partnerships – this is an option for promotion when different departments of the same company work together. And from such an internal partnership you can get really worthy BTL promotions! For example, you can give a discount on the purchase of quasi-brand products when you purchase products of the main brand for a certain amount.


BTL promotions today are not only discounts, gifts for the purchase and promoters at points of sale. Today it is an entire industry, which, with a certain approach, is able to give a very significant increase in sales and ensure good brand recognition. BTL promotions are developing, mechanics are becoming more sophisticated, and the results are more and more impressive.

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