Consistent Social Media Marketing. 4 tips to do it right

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Consistent Social Media Marketing, or SMM for short, is a MUST if you want to develop and promote your Instagram or Facebook page. Here are the main rules to make your SMM strategy better:

  1. Make a quality entry content

In Instagram it involves to talk about the account with the right feed so that the user immediately understands what the account is about and what the content is. For a group or Facebook page, this means correctly filling out the description, with the necessary marketing positioning, so that, again, any person who first visits the group or page immediately understands its contents and what is to come.


  1. One page – one topic

If you are a foodie, then stick to this content on one Instagram account. If you would like to promote your music passion – create another. Mixing content is a bad thing, because old subscribers will unsubscribe, and you won’t get lots of new ones, because the content is inconsistent.

  1. Single style for all your content

Try to post content in a single style, because this way users will know exactly what to expect from your page. In Social Media Marketing world it always raises the chances of them to subscribe. Try use consistent filters, or similar templates, if you are using, for example.


  1. Use consistent hashtags

It’s always a good idea to use new hashtags, especially if it is a new trend, but don’t forget the old ones. The best example of this is 2009 vs 2019 challenge. Always keep in mind that you can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. Mix old ones with new ones, because this way some users, who saw your content, but didn’t subscribe, will likely do so, because they see your content consistently, and this will lead to some new subscribers as well. For hashtags use this website



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