CRM marketing: 3 tools for effective promotion

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CRM marketing today is not only the segmentation of the audience and the use of standard means of promotion and sales. There are a large number of tools that allow you to set up an automated marketing campaign and promote a product or service much more effectively.

First, let’s look at what CRM marketing is.

CRM marketing is a way of processing customer information in order to select a personalized offer for the sale of goods or services. In most cases, the basis of CRM marketing system in the enterprise is specially software. In the CIS countries, the most popular is bitrix24.

So, in order to effectively implement CRM marketing in the enterprise, you need to know what tools to use. Examples of such tools will be discussed below.

CRM marketing: 3 tools for effective promotion

  1. Lead magnet and tripwire

Today it is no longer easy to make a potential buyer buy a product, as the number of offers on the market is constantly growing. However, effective methods for attracting warm leads exist – lead magnet and tripwire.

For example, you can offer a potential client to leave his e-mail (lead magnet), for which he will receive a free bonus (tripwire) in return. One of the most common examples, in this case, is the free first chapter of the book.

If we fully consider the lead creation stream in this case, it looks like this: e-mail form (lead magnet) -> letter with the offer of a free digital product (tripwire) -> implementation of the main product, or additional incentive tools (discounts, gift and others).

Товарный портфель

  1. Email marketing

Well working email marketing can be a very effective sales tool. Again, using lead magnets and tripwires, you can collect an extensive base of customers who can, in consequence, offer various products or services.

In this case, it is important to remember several important points:

  • Since we consider email newsletters as part of crm marketing — that is, our audience is already well-segmented — we should take care of quality content in the newsletters. New products, sales, personalized offers, customer statistics – all this should be part of the email strategy.
  • Also part of high-quality email marketing, as part of the crm system, should always be customer incentives for cross-sell or up-sell. For example, we do mailings to our regular customers with a notification about the starting sale, but we also inform that a new range of premium brand produtcts (up-sell) is currently available for order.

email marketing as part of crm marketing

  1. Sales funnel

Continuing the theme of cross-sell and up-sell, it is also important to effectively use such a sales tool as sales funnel. In short, a sales funnel is a “journey” of a buyer from acquaintance with a product to a regular customer.

As part of the crm marketing strategy, this tool is used everywhere. Lead magnets, tripwires, email marketing and other crm marketing tools – all this should be, with a competent approach, be part of the sales funnel.

A real example: when entering a site through search engines, a client reads an article of interest to him. After ¾ content, a popup appears and offers to leave an email (lead magnet) in exchange for a 10% discount on the first order from the online store (tripwire).

Then comes email marketing, newsletters informing the client about new interesting content on the blog, sales (trade marketing), news of the premium assortment (up-sell) or assortment that can interest the client taking into account his past purchases (cross-sell).

crm маркетинг


CRM marketing is a tool that allows, first of all, to effectively configure interaction with the target audience. It is important to remember that segmentation of the audience, and the satisfaction of its needs – this is the basis not only of crm marketing strategy, but marketing in general.

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