Digital Marketing Trends in 2020: 6 New Trends to Make Marketing Effective

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Modern digital marketing includes many ways of communicating with the consumer: from social networks and email newsletters to PPC advertising and SEO optimization.

However, technologies do not stand still, and today there are more and more ways of effective promotion. What was popular 1-2 years ago may no longer create demand from the audience today. Below are 6 major digital marketing trends in 2020.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020: 6 New Trends to Make Marketing Effective

  1. Facebook is losing popularity

Facebook, as the mainstream social network, is giving way to more entertainment platforms today. This is also facilitated by scandals that regularly cover this platform.

As of 2020, 41% of Facebook’s audience are people over 65. Thus, the social network is significantly inferior to its competitors in terms of demographic, and advertisers, in turn, are looking for new platforms to promote their goods and services.

Young people today prefer Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok – that is, more entertainment platforms. These social networks should be the main focus when promoting in 2020.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots are a great way to promote online sales, which is gaining more and more popularity every year. They allow the buyer to receive the necessary information in automatic mode, without wasting human resources on a call center.

Chatbots are definitely a very hot topic in digital marketing trends right now, and a modern online store only benefits from using it. One of the pros of implementing it, is that you can get the necessary information about customers in an automated mode, which will perfectly help in further promotion.

  1. Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing is a unified marketing system across multiple communication channels, including website, app, email, and social media. Based on the recent analytics, by implementing omnichannel marketing with the right approach and consistent delivery of the right ad message, customer engagement can triple!

There are many systems on the web that can help marketers implement similar marketing strategies in a variety of messengers, chat rooms and email campaigns. Use them!

  1. Interactive content

Interactive content is content with which the user has the ability to interact. If you go to any group on Facebook today, you will immediately notice more interactive content.

The simplest example: in a group of a famous music artist, a survey is being conducted about what song the listeners liked the most from a new album. In addition, we cab highlight the excellent interactive feature of Facebook – a photo in 360.

Interactive content today can be found in various social media functions, from Instagram Stories to Facebook polls.

Interact with your audience!

  1. Unique content

Unique and most importantly, useful content is a major factor in search engine rankings in 2020. Following the latest Google search engine update, the company issued a statement that “the site values high speed, helpful links and unique content.”

Today it is imperative to remember that unique and relevant content is the most important component not only in SEO, but also within any promotion – from SMM to email.

More about changes in google algorithm can be found here.

  1. Video content

Posting videos to social networks is already a prerequisite for effective promotion. For example, Instagram’s algorithm favors a relevant video content, while Tiktok is focused exclusively on video.

Also, do not forget about streams, stories or native advertising in the video of a famous blogger – video marketing is more relevant today than ever. In 2020, a buyer is more likely to click on a link under an interesting video than on a post with a photo.


Digital marketing trends in 2020 are, in fact, a continuation of the trends of recent years, and a lot of companies have already been able to restructure their work. For example, large online stores are fully implementing the omnichannel marketing strategy, and popular Instagram bloggers are trying to create as interesting video content as possible.

At the moment, there is no evidence that tomorrow the trends will change radically, rather they will only intensify, and we will see more services that help in omnichannel marketing, more opportunities for creating high-quality video content, and a further growth in the popularity of interactive content.

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