Email Marketing: 3 Key Success Factors

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Email marketing plays a big role in modern Internet promotion, and every year the effectiveness of this method only increase. Today it is no longer possible to imagine a large online store without triggers, popups and newsletter. And an experienced marketer must definitely combine all these 3 methods to get a quality effect from email marketing.

Email Marketing: 3 Key Success Factors

  1. Personalized Newsletter

Do not forget about the main factor in the success of advertising in the 21st century – it must be personalized. Today it’s hard to imagine that a potential client can open a letter that is not interesting to him. But how to interest the client?

Send customers letters that will be useful to them! For example, if you are sending newsletters from a site on WordPress using the Mailchimp plugin, create several mailings for different groups of clients. Use the triggers and popups on the website to understand who and what to send.

For example, you place a trigger in the products section for gamers of your online store. Also, the created popup on the page with the new gaming device is popular, because when you click on the button, customers receive a 10% discount (if they subscribe to the newsletter). These data are enough for you to create a personalized newsletter.

Email marketing trigger example

Create a newsletter specifically for customers interested in this type of product. Write about discounts, send new blog articles that may be of interest to them, and report on upcoming events of your company. This approach takes time, since there are usually many groups of clients, but if you set the goal of increasing the quality of email marketing, then this method is the most preferable.

  1. Quality content

Work with the audience has changed a lot over the past 10 years. Today you need to promote the product quickly and efficiently. And this means one thing – you need to interest the client from the first second. But how to do that?

The answer is simple: come up with original topics and make beautiful letters. Informing a client about the start of the sale in an original way, and beautifully filling out a letter in Mailchimp is the sure way to success.

Email marketing today is not only the fact that the company’s advertising is distributed by email. This is primarily a quality content that is able to interest the client. Carefully monitor the distribution indicators in the program or plug-in you are using and remember the main thing: the client will wait for a quality newsletter.

Email marketing example

  1. Important newsletter only

You can often find that online stores simply send customers all kinds of spam. This is fundamentally the wrong strategy, because an experienced marketer must make sure that the client wants to open a message.

You always need to clearly understand what it is worth sending to the client and what is not. The following topics will always be effective: important news, sales messages, personalized congratulations – this is what should be constantly present in the newsletters and be of the highest quality.

Another type of newsletter is also gaining popularity today – personalized statistics. For example, for regular customers of the pizza delivery services it will be quite relevant to make personalized statistics with their orders for a certain period, and at the end of the letter indicate the code to receive a 20% discount on their favorite pizza.

Successful email marketing is, first of all, a necessary and important dialogue with a client.


Email marketing is a very important tool to support sales and attract new customers, but its main component is still quality content. No need to do newsletters for the sake of newsletters, you need to do newsletters for the sake of increasing sales. And in the 21st century, there are all means to bring this to life.

As part of the NGM project, we also provide email marketing services, and will be happy to help you increase the efficiency of your business. Please email us and we will be happy to create the online newsletter of your dreams for you.

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