4 basic steps of how a regional company can enter the international market

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The international market is constantly growing. Whatever you do – from FMCG products to the production of metal constructions, – you can find yourself an international buyer. In the 21st century, it has become much easier than before. And in this article we will tell you how to do it.

International market: 4 steps to enter

  1. Decide which country you would like to export to and solve all customs issues

In international market It’s not as easy as it may seem. For example, if you export from a country bordering China, than the logistical costs will be minimal, but the costs and conditions of customs clearance can be tricky. Foreign economic activity is primarily associated with the putting in order of documents and work with the customs service of a country, so you need to be well prepared for this moment.

  1. Logistical issues

Today it’s much easier than before to solve all the logistical issues – thanks to 3pl logistical companies. The basic idea here is that most countries have large logistical hubs – ports and unloading warehouses at borders. For example, in Russia the largest port is Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port. With the help of specialized logistics companies you can manage all your needs for proper delivery to your client.

  1. Price formation

On international market pricing is much more complicated. Please remember that there are CIF and FOB prices, and you must manage them properly in order not to risk all your foreign economic activity. We will discuss in detail all the terms in a different article.

  1. International online marketplaces

In order to find foreign customers you need a special place where you can sell and promote your goods. In today’s world this means only one thing – online marketplace. There are different ones around the world, but the basic examples are amazon and alibaba. If you manage a big b2b distribution company, and you don’t sell to end consumers, then Alibaba is the best choice out there. BUT! Not for the Chinese customers. In China there are other marketplaces, which are part of Alibaba group. Those are taobao, tmall and 1688

There were times when foreign economic activities were a privileged service. It’s very good that these times are long gone. If you’ll manage all 4 basic steps of entering an international market – you will see your business grow on a scale never seen before. Trust our experience – export is always a good idea.

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