How to promote on instagram

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How to promote on Instagram today? The social network Instagram is constantly changing, new functions are being added to it, old ones are becoming more convenient, and the analytics system is constantly being improved. However, due to the excessive amount of content, today it is quite difficult to find your audience on a social network and to ensure the growth of your subscriber base. In this article, we will analyze how to properly manage Instagram for the growth of subscriber base.

How to promote on Instagram

  1. Quality content

Today the most important thing on Instagram is high-quality content. The social network algorithm looks at the number of likes, comments and, if the content is interesting to users, it automatically shows it to a larger number of users.

What kind of content are users interested in? Think about your favorite hobby and start with it. It is also advisable to pay attention to competitors, how they work with content. You will definitely pick up new ideas on how to promote on Instagram.

A simple example: if in life you like the most is to eat deliciously, then keep your Instagram about this! Believe it or not, there is a separate segment of bloggers called Foodies. They are constantly in search of new quality food, cook something themselves, and take high-quality photos and videos.

Each person has their own “trick”, so get creative with the task of creating content and you will definitely succeed! Just do not forget about applications that will help in high-quality processing of photos and videos.

For example, you can use the Foodie app to process a photo:

Apple store


  1. Interaction with the audience

If more users subscribe to you at the beginning of your journey, the better the Instagram algorithm will promote your page. Be sure to subscribe to all your friends and acquaintances, and let them do the same. This is the best way of how to promote on Instagram at the beginning of your journey.

Like and comment on their posts. And let them do the same with your posts. The social network algorithm is very fond of active bloggers! Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of your activity on the social network. Believe me, there are special programs for Instagram that automatically leave comments under other people’s posts (but it’s better not to use them!).

  1. Use the correct hashtags and tagging

Hashtags are the oldest way to promote Instagram. However, it still works great! Each post on Instagram can be provided with 30 hashtags, and this will greatly help in promotion. Do not forget that many social network users are also subscribed to thematic hashtags, and only consume content from them.

To select hashtags, use this service: display purposes.

It is also imperative to tag and mention users. For example, let’s say you make a story after going to the movies. Be sure to mark a specific cinema in the story, and indicate friends who are also in the photo. This will definitely help in promoting your publication, and will lead to new subscriptions.

  1. Use stories, story highlights and Instagram Reels

Stories is a short video / photo, each of which lasts a maximum of 15 seconds. And this is a great promotion tool! Today, a lot of users only watch stories and do not pay attention to publications. Be sure to use it! And don’t forget to tag friends, and leave hashtags.

Story Highlights is a great feature that allows you to store your stories in a convenient format. There you can also indicate the price list, and the opening hours and the directions – and all this in a very convenient form. An example of great story highlights:

Instagram reels are analogous to short videos from TikTok. It is becoming very popular with a new generation of Instagram users. And it’s a great way to promote and create content! Can’t add nothing more – just use it!

  1. Advertising on Instagram

The most common problem for young bloggers: after they gain a certain amount of subscribers, Instagram begins to promote their posts less by the forces of the algorithm and more offer them to place ads.

Unfortunately, you can master all modern means of how to properly conduct Instagram, but today you cannot do without additional investment in advertising. And there are several types of advertising on social networks. Let’s analyze the main ones:

  • Advertising post.

Great for b2c companies. The Instagram advertising algorithm is improving every year, and with proper targeting settings, it will definitely be able to increase the number of your subscribers and, subsequently, customers.

  • Advertising in stories.

Also, as in the case of the post, it is perfect for b2c companies. However, you shouldn’t make the videos too long, and you should start them right away with the advertising message. Otherwise, the user just clicks “next”.

  • Advertising from bloggers.

Suitable for both other bloggers and companies. The market for advertising services for bloggers is growing every year, and today you can easily find a blogger with a similar audience and order advertising from him. To find bloggers, you can use this service: Heepsy.

Today it is no longer necessary to be an SMM guru to effectively promote yourself on Instagram. The social network, refined by years of work, is as loyal to new bloggers as possible, and gives them many tools for promotion.

Today, every user is able to understand how to promote on Instagram and start taking the first steps in blogging. And the most important thing for successful promotion is a creative approach!

And don’t forget: CONTENT IS KING!

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