Online store promotion: retargeting pixel, contextual and targeted advertising

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Today, there are many ways to promote an online store. However, most of them involve high costs and not guaranteed results. How to make online store promotion effective? The answer is simple:

Personalized ads

You may have often heard this concept, but today the scope of it is narrowing more and more. It is safe to say that the personalized advertising that was before is no longer there. Today, its place is occupied by super personalized advertising, since with the development of technologies much more opportunities have appeared for segmenting the target audience.

Online store promotion: 3 new methods


  1. Place a retargeting pixel on the website

Retargeting pixel is a special code in the HEAD part of a website that collects information about users in order to show them ads on social networks. Sometimes this method is called “catching up with the client.” It is installed quite simply: you need to go into Facebook ads, copy the code for retargeting and paste it into the HEAD of the website. For WordPress sites, you can use the plugin Insert Headers and Footers.

  1. Personalize targeted advertising on social networks

Here we need the skills of an SMM specialist in order to properly configure advertising. However, how to do this if the budget is limited? It’s simple – personalize ads. Examine your target audience, see what hobbies and needs your customers have. For example, if your store deals with merchandise for gamers, then create several ad units. For example:

Online store promotion

Also, do not forget that after analyzing the audience, it can be divided into groups. Thus, each of them can be given the desired advertisement – for example, based on products that interest them. One option is to make a carousel of goods that are of interest to the customer.

Doing an online store promotion in this way will certainly take time. However, if you really want to effectively spend your advertising budget, we recommend that you stick to it.

  1. Personalized contextual advertising

The analysis that you conducted in order to give the right ad for the right customers gives you valuable data about your target audience. This data can also be used to search for leads in search engines. If you see a positive reaction to your targeted ads – you must use all the information to create suitable ads in Google Ads и Yandex Direct.

For example, if your customers are mainly fans of “Dota” (we are still considering a store for gamers), then make suitable ads in search engines. Also, if the budget allows, provide a 10% discount for the first purchase. This will be a very good move that will further promote your advertising and make it attractive.


In this article, we examined only 1 method of increasing the efficiency of an online store. Of course, based on the data from the analysis of the audience, you can set up banner ads or, under the pretext of a discount code, collect e-mails and then engage in e-mail marketing.

There are always a lot of promotion options, but do not forget the main thing – in a modern Internet space it is very easy to spend an advertising budget. Your task here is to minimize costs, but also to ensure that the advertising message had the maximum impact on the target audience.

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