PPC Automation: 3 Tools for a Successful Advertising Campaign

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Contextual and banner ads in search engines are very often the key sources of leads to a website. However, to properly set up such ads requires a good understanding of keywords in search, knowledge of the market and competitors, as well as the ability to effectively control the budget.

In this case, PPC Automation tools come to an aid of a marketer, helping to better and more efficiently set up contextual advertising in order to obtain the maximum results. Below are 3 tools for PPC automation.

PPC Automation: 3 Tools for a Successful Advertising Campaign

Google adwords automation

  1. Elama

This system is very intuitive to set up, and even a beginner in digital marketing can figure it out. However, in terms of its functionality, it is in no way inferior to more professional automation tools on the market.

Elama PPC automation

Key Features:
  • Allows you to create and customize advertising campaigns through the service;
  • Automated compilation of key phrases based on your data;
  • UTM tags to be able to accurately track links;
  • Setting minus keywords;
  • Bid management and budgeting;
  • Creation of banners for advertising in Yandex and Google Ads;
  • Impact on leads from social networks
  1. Alytics

This service is already more complex, focused on more experienced digital marketers, and, accordingly, larger and more expensive business cases. However, with the proper effort, you can get the most accurate and effective advertising campaign possible.

Alytics PPC automation

Key Features:
  • Excellent end-to-end analytics of your advertising campaigns;
  •  Creation and customization of advertisements;
  • Keyword bids management;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the set KPIs;
  • Analysis of advertising effectiveness and control of each element;
  • Possibility of tracking and multichannel analytics;
  • Integration with CRM;
  • UTM tags for control of links.


  1. Adobe Advertising Cloud

This service is represented by one of the most recognizable brands in the IT sector, and in addition to the basic functions, the platform stands out with very innovative offerings.

Adobe Advertising cloud PPC automation

Key Features:
  • Allows you to manage all advertising channels from one service, including advertising on TV;
  • Allows you to use AI and data management for the most effective advertising campaign;
  • The analytics system from Adobe allows you to more widely analyze advertising campaigns.

The adobe service is used to automate contextual advertising for very large international company, and is the most suitable tool for that particular role. For promoting smaller business, it’s better using for appropriate tools.


PPC Automation: Which Is Better To Choose?

In this article only 3 services are given – from the most affordable to the most complex – however, there are many other services on the PPC Automation market, each of which provides some new opportunities.

With the most basic work, within the context of setting up contextual advertising, you can safely choose elama, the tools of which allow you to effectively promote small and medium-sized businesses.

However, if it is necessary to use more complex systems with high-quality end-to-end analytics, then Alytics will be able to cope with this task very effectively. This option is perfect for large enterprises actively promoting on the Internet.

Adobe Advertising Cloud, at the same time, is the most premium option, and is aimed primarily at large international companies, which are promoted through various advertising channels. If you work in the head office of a large international company, this option is the most acceptable for you.


PPC Automation is no longer something new – there are many services on the market that allow you to effectively conduct an advertising campaign. In addition, the main feature of such systems is that it allows you to effectively manage bids, thereby increasing the main indicators of advertising efficiency.

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