SEO Copywriting: 4 Basic Steps to Writing Text for Traffic

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Today any blog article or promotional offer should be aimed primarily at increasing traffic. Therefore, when copywriting, it is important not only to write an article as you see it, but also adapt it to what professionals call SEO copywriting.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is a web text writing technique based on the inclusion of key phrases for search engine optimization and other techniques aimed at increasing traffic.

Do not forget that a unique text is one of the main indicators of the success of SEO copywriting. Today, search engines are giving more and more weight to unique content that can best meet user needs.

SEO copywriting: 4 basic steps for writing text for traffic

  1. Use keywords in text and headings

The h1-h6 headers are a very handy text highlighting tool that, with the right approach, can greatly increase traffic to the site. For example, if a keyword appears in the text as a heading several times, it means that SEO copywriting is used correctly.

Also, do not forget about the keywords in the text – this will also further strengthen search engine optimization. Keyword checking is best through the SEO plugin. For example, if the site is on WordPress, then you can use the plugin Rank Math.

Wordpress plugin for SEO Copywriting

  1. The uniqueness of the text

In short, the uniqueness of the text should be from 90 to 100%. You can check the text for uniqueness through this service. Also, do not get involved in rewriting other people’s material, because not a single rewriting will be as useful as a unique text – especially from the point of view of a search robot.

We recommend writing only unique texts, and only in individual cases do rewrites of individual sentences or definitions of concepts.

SEO копирайтинг: уникальность текста

  1. Use backlinks correctly

Backlinks also play a big role in promotion. Very often, most of the traffic to the page can come not from keywords, but from the mention of companies, third-party resources or just a well-promoted brand. Therefore, the links in the text must be set correctly, but also not to overdo it.

SEO copywriting involves not only the use of anchors in keywords directly talking about a famous brand – you can get a fine for spamming such links. Putting anchors is also worth it in a proven way, using neutral expressions, for example: “link”, “here”, “on the website”, etc.

If you plan to put two anchors in the text, one should be placed as a link with the brand name, and the second as “here”, “link”, etc. Thus, search bots will not perceive links as spam, but the effect of anchors will remain.

SEO copywriting in blog

  1. Create a convenient linking

Today, with so many content available, it’s getting harder to keep the user on the website. In this case linking and triggers come to rescue. Do not forget that one menu is no longer enough – you need to use links in the text, popups, links after reading, etc.

For example, many WordPress plugins allow you to create high-quality popup windows that can be displayed to the user when he has read ¾ pages. Also at the end of the article you can specify a link to additional material on a topic that may be of interest to the user.

Today, we can confidently say that most of the clicks within the website occur according to this scheme, so convenient linking is a must-have tool in SEO copywriting.


SEO copywriting is not as simple for a novice copywriter or resource owner as it might seems at first glance. Usually everyone is used to writing about anything – if an author has the right experience. However, you always need to build on the target audience – users who will search for the content they need.

Using headings, key phrases, backlinks and other SEO copywriting techniques one can greatly increase the importance of a page for search engines. And in this case, the traffic will not take long in waiting.

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