SEO Keywords: 3 basic steps to collect best keywords for your website

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The semantic core is a set of key queries, their forms and phrases that most closely reflect the activities of the promoted resource. In other words, these are SEO keywords for which you need to adapt the content on a website so that search engines can correctly index and display it in the SERP.

Today, there are many ways to find the right keywords, and their use may differ depending on the promoted resource. For example, in a large online store with a large number of offered goods, you will need more keywords, and fewer keywords to promote articles on a blog.

In this article, the process of collecting SEO keywords is simplified as much as possible, and this method can be used for most types of resources.

SEO keywords: 3 basic steps to collect best keywords for your website

SEO keywords

  1. Analysis of key queries through the corresponding services

Today, there are many services for finding the right keywords on the market – some are paid, some are not – but one of the oldest services that are still very relevant are Yandex Wordstat and Google trends.

SEO keywords in yandex wordstat

In addition to the fact that these services are free, they also allow you to determine not only the most popular key queries, but also low-frequency ones, which young sites need to focus on first.

It is also worth noting the keywords searching service inside Google Ads, which provides great opportunities in comparison with Google trends.

  1. Analysis of competitors and current trends

Analyzing competitors and the keywords they are ranking for is an extremely important point in any SEO optimization. If you know these keywords, then you can check if you can overtake them in the SERP, or it is better to use similar queries for better ranking.

There are several services for analyzing competitors today, but two can be especially distinguished: ahrefs and serpstat. With them, you can not only analyze the ranking of competitors, but also compare with your indicators and select the right keywords.

Another important point in market analysis is understanding the existing trends. For example, chat bots and omnichannel marketing are becoming more and more popular today, and by understanding this trend, you can write several blog articles, or offer new services on your website.

  1. Analysis of PPC ads of competitors

PPC advertising (contextual advertising in search engines) is one of the most important tools for Internet marketing. For many resources, especially new sites, this promotion channel is the main generator of traffic and leads.

Therefore, today it is especially important to understand what key queries your competitors are advertising for. The above-mentioned serpstat service will help in finding this out.

After collecting this information, it will be clear for which requests to advertise, or simply try to carry out SEO work, in order to rank in the TOP 3 for these requests.

The result

When you follow these 3 points, you will understand how to collect SEO keywords, and what key queries to use to rank higher in the search results. In addition, even if you understand that you cannot rank above your competitors in terms of key queries for you, do not despair! Use low-frequency queries and you may be able to attract more targeted traffic than your competitors.

As a result, you should get a list of key queries, based on which you will need to write content, or adapt the existing one. Distribute these keywords across the pages of the site being promoted, attach the necessary photos with matching requests for ALT tags, write the keys in the URLs of the pages, as well as in the h1-h6 headers.

If you are promoting a website on WordPress, then be sure to use a SEO plugin like rank math. It will automatically monitor the distribution of your selected queries across the page, and give tips on the most successful content optimization.


Today, many marketers and webmasters do not fully understand how to find better SEO keywords. Although, in fact, there is nothing difficult in this process, because there are lots of services, dedicated to that purpose. Experienced SEO specialists, working with a topic they are familiar with, very often intuitively choose the right keywords without using any services.

On a note…

There is an even simpler scheme for finding better SEO keywords, which is sometimes used when optimizing pages. When you enter key queries in the rank math or yoast seo search box, and with the proper dose of intuition, you can immediately select the necessary queries that are relevant to the content. You cannot get statistics in numbers in such ways, but it gives a basic understanding of which keys to adapt the content to.

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