SEO trends in 2020: 6 new trends for traffic growth

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SEO Trends in 2020 differ from all previous ones, mainly due to the new changes to the Google algorithm that the company announced at the end of 2019. Some of these trends are familiar to experienced SEO professionals, but it is important to understand that with the launch of the BERT neural network and the E-A-T algorithm, the approach to content creation changes significantly.

So what are the most relevant SEO trends in 2020? What do you need to do today to bring your site to the TOP of search engines? How to overtake competitors in SERP for main keywords?

SEO Trends in 2020: 6 Top Trends for Traffic Growth

SEO trends in 2020

  1. Unique content

It was no secret to anyone before that unique and, most importantly, useful content for the user is the most important and basic in any SEO optimization. Moreover, in 2020 this trend is becoming even more relevant, because search engines have learned to perfectly recognize not only plagiarism, but also irrelevant content.

Google, in its press release regarding the latest algorithm update of its search engine, made it very clear WHAT is the most important for ranking in 2020. In short: Google focuses on its E-A-T algorithm, which stands for Expertise, Authority and Reliability. The full article can be found here.

Therefore, approach the content writing as responsibly as possible, check the information, find sources, use the correct and necessary links. Do not forget, because if you are writing an expert opinion about, suppose, how much of a drug you need to take, or how to set up contextual advertising correctly, the user, after reading your article, should not lose his health or his money.

SEO trends in 2020: content is king

Also in search engines, filters for plagiarism search are actively working, so do not copy someone else’s material! And in order to check the content for uniqueness, there are many services, but two are worth recommending: copywritely and

  1. User-optimized content

After the last Google update and the launch of the BERT system, SEO professionals from all over the world began to figure out how to optimize resources to improve their rankings. In short, BERT is a neural network that recognizes content written for a person, not a machine.

Many SEO experts are already talking about the fact that in the future any content will be optimized not based on key queries, but on the basis of semantic load, that is, it will be optimized for the average user. SEO trends in 2020 are such that you need to write content primarily for a visitor to your resource, and not for a machine algorithm.

  1. UX and technical optimization

User experience and technical optimization are more relevant than ever! Again, Google pointed out that page load speed is one of the top ranking factors. Make sure that there are no errors on the site, control the optimization in Google Search Console, and the page loading speed through gtmetrix or google page speed insight services.

To optimize your site on WordPress, use page caching plugins, and deliver content to the user through a CDN (content delivery network) service. Invest in the technical optimization of the promoted resource, and you will see the result very quickly!

  1. Mobile first!

Search engines display in the TOP, first of all, content optimized for mobile devices. Again, if you have problems optimizing for mobile, the Google search console will tell you about it.

Using SEO Trends in 2020, it is super important to have a high-quality website that is optimized for any device. Today, more than 50% of search engine traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, if your resource is not adapted for them, you need to reconsider your approach to SEO optimization.

  1. Use markup and nice snippets

Many SEO plugins like Rank Math or Yoast seo have schema markup capabilities built in. Use them! With their help, you can design your page beautifully, and, with a relevant request, your content will be in the most attractive place.

Use markup to form the desired snippet of your page, because this will have a positive effect not only on traffic from the snippets themselves, but also in search engine ranking positions!

  1. Creating a natural link mass

To increase the “trust” indicator of a resource, a proven method has long been used – increasing the link mass. In other words, this is the number of backlinks leading to the promoted resource from other sites.

However, today we know that there are special filters Google Penguin and Yandex Minusinsk, special ones aimed at fighting gray SEO – which is not the natural growth of the link mass. Therefore, SEO trends in 2020 suggest that it is important to get exactly natural links from different sources.


The types of links that can be obtained naturally:

  • Links from social networks

Search engines love traffic from social networks, although the links themselves do not convey the “weight” of the site. Motivate users of your resource to share material in a convenient social network for them, post links in your groups and personal pages

  • Thematic sites

If you blog online, then there is nothing wrong with writing articles for other resources as well. They get the content, and you get the opportunity to post backlinks.

If, on the contrary, you are promoting an online store, then thematic resources that will help you advertise your product – by placing an article, banner or just an advertisement – is a great way to get backlinks.

  • Forums and blog comments

This should be approached very carefully, but if you leave a comment that is really necessary and important for the development of the topic, with a link to your resource, then perhaps the administrator will not delete it, and you will get an excellent backlink.


More about backlinks you can read in this article, and more about off-page SEO optimization – a very true to the topic of SEO trends in 2020 – you can find here.



SEO trends in 2020 are more important today than ever, because not only the new BERT neural network from Google is reaching full capacity, but also new SERP updates, which make even more significant emphasis on unique, useful and authoritative content for the user.

Don’t forget to optimize your site from the technical side, create awesome content, don’t copy someone else’s, and collect natural link mass. And, with the proper approach, the result will not be long in coming.

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