Social Media Marketing. The basics of how to do it right.

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What is Social Media Marketing for today? First of all, you need it in order to promote your business and keep in touch with your audience. Believe us; no modern company can afford the luxury of not having accounts on social networks. Even if you are an artist / musician / sculptor or just know how to find quality content on the Internet, you need to promote it right!

What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, or SMM for short, is the use of social media platforms in order to promote a brand, product or drive traffic to a website. The best quote that describes the use of SMM the best is:

“Social media replaces nothing, but compliments everything.” – Neal Shaffer

If you are building a brand strategy, SMM is a must have tool.

How to do SMM right

There are countless social networks out there, but we recommend start with Facebook or Instagram. First of all, decide on the topic and presentation, and plan ahead. Remember, that a Facebook group or page is a product by itself and successful product is created in planning – all that remains is execution. After you’ve defined it, here are 4 things we recommend the most:

      1. Quality over quantity

Post only quality content. If you like some particular food and you’re promoting your foodie Instagram page – make good pics and apply quality filters. Try using special apps for it, we assure you, that the result is worth it.

Dairy product


     2. Know your audience

This is the most important thing. This includes which hashtags to use, when to post content, and how to style it. Here are 3 tools that will help you with it:

diplay purposes – this resource helps with hashtags;

smmplanner – this will help you with planning

canva – this will help you with creating amazing content.

      3. Determine your goals.

This is super important, because it involves mega element of SMM – consistency. For example, if you are building your social media presence as a musician, you should definitely post appropriate content with consistent style. Keeping balance is a MUST, and knowing your goals helps you keep consistent.

SMM example

      4. Keep learning

There is one thing nowadays that define SMM – the speed at which everything changes. If today you have a successful Facebook group or Instagram page, and tomorrow you start to lose subscribers – do not worry. You just have to learn and adapt, because probably the Social Network’s algorithm has changed. Try surfing the net to find out more and adapt fast.

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