Social media promotion methods

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Social media promotion methods are constantly changing – old methods give way to new ones, as the generation of millennials is being replaced by a generation of zoomers, with their own values and needs. And what worked 5 years ago, today no longer has such efficiency in comparison with new methods of promotion.

Today social networks are introducing new tools for publishing content – Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels – and Influencer promotion (advertising through bloggers) is becoming more and more popular. The commercials are shorter and more original, and the advertising message is becoming more personalized. Here are the main social media promotion methods that will be popular in 2022.

Social media promotion methods

  1. Unique content and correct hashtags.

Let’s start with the basics of successful social media promotion. Content should be unique and, most importantly, interesting. And it must leave the right impression on the user so that he wants to like and leave a comment under the post. Because the number of likes and comments will be regarded by the social network as an indicator of the relevance of the content, which will automatically allow it to be promoted by the social network algorithm.

And don’t forget about the correct hashtags! Methods of promotion on social networks may have changed recently, but having up to 30 correct and necessary hashtags on Instagram will only be a plus for any content maker.

To find hashtags, use this service: Display Purposes.

  1. Influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing remains one of the most popular social media promotion methods. And the bloggers’ advertising market will only grow.

With the change of generations, and the growing influence of social networks on the young generation, advertising among bloggers – especially among young people – remains an extremely effective investment. The main thing is to find bloggers with your target audience!

To select bloggers, you can use this service: Heepsy.

  1. Instagram stories, story highlights and boomerang.

Every year, Instagram Stories are becoming more and more popular, and allow you to promote more effectively. Many social network users are already logging into the application just for the sake of Stories.

What is Stories? These are short videos / photos, each up to 15 seconds long.

A huge plus for Stories is that it is relatively easy to check their interest with subscribers – as it allows you to instantly see who has watched the story. But we should not forget that Stories are published only for a day.

And let’s not forget Instagram Stories Ads. And since Stories are now more popular than traditional posts, this type of ads are clearly a winner for a modern promotion.

But in order to extend Stories, and make them convenient for viewing thematic content, there is the Story highlights functionality. I can use it for, for example, conveniently publishing a price list for services, driving directions, a photo report about an event, etc.

Here’s an example of effective story highlights in a personal blog:

Also, we must not forget about specialized applications for Instagram that allow you to diversify your content. For example, Boomerang, with which you can create striking short videos.

Application link:

Boomerang Appstore

Boomerang Android

  1. Advertising in TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts

The Tik Tok social network is very popular among the younger generation. So popular that the giants of the industry – YouTube and Instagram – decided to enter this market. And their services Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are the best TikTok counterparts to date.

In these services, you can also post short videos that will attract the attention of a young audience. And in the case of YouTube Shorts, they will also advertise the main channel.

Modern methods of promotion on social networks include tremendous opportunities. And short videos for these 3 services are a great opportunity to remind an audience of yourself, or maybe find a completely new audience!

  1. Personalized re-targeting.

Social media promotion methods have changed a lot over the past 5 years, but one trend is particularly interesting – the personalization of targeted ads.

Remember how many times after viewing a product you are interested in in an online store, you were then shown an advertisement for the same product on social networks? I am sure that this is a frequent occurrence with any modern person.

How does this happen? For this we need to thank Pixel, an analytics tool that allows you to study your actions on the site, and then show you personalized ads on the social network.

For a more detailed look at this feature (which I highly recommend!), check out this article on Facebook.

Social media promotion methods in 2022 will boil down not only to banal advertising of posts on Instagram. Today it is a huge industry that provides great opportunities for the advertiser, content maker and the social network itself.

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