Website monetization: 3 main ways

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Website monetization today does not seem anything special, since there are many services that allow you to receive the appropriate income. Part of the methods eventually died or became ineffective, while the other part, on the contrary, is gaining momentum. 

In this article, we will analyze 3 main ways of generating income from a site.

Website monetization: 3 main ways

  1. Placement of banner advertising

There are many ways to place banner ads on the site – from personal arrangements with the advertiser to the use of popular services. We will stop on the last method.

Two of the most popular services for placing banner ads on the site today:

Each of the services has different requirements for potential partners, but today almost every site that has more or less decent content can become a partner of these services.

The principle of posting and generating revenue is as follows: Google or Yandex allows your site to place banner ads in the places you select on your site, and you get revenue when users click on banners.

The withdrawal scheme may vary, but today the Google service has the following scheme: first you go over the $ 10 bar, and then you receive an email from Google with a code that you need to deposit to the site to fully activate your account.

Next, you need to pass the bar of $ 100, and then you can withdraw funds to your account from the system. The scheme is not so complicated, but it forces the user to work on promoting the site, and at the same time, highlight the best positions on the site for advertising – because, in the end, income depends on it.

  1. Link exchanges

Today there is also a way to sell links on your site, and it should be noted that there is a noticeable demand for this. The sale of links occurs primarily to webmasters of new sites that are engaged in SEO promotion.

It is also worth mentioning why you need to buy links at all … Buying links is part of the external optimization of the site, or the accumulation of link mass, in order to increase the trust of search engines to the resource.

The more links on trusted sites, the better the site’s position in search engine results.

Also on the network there is a lot of talk about whether it is useful to place links on unverified resources (or to place other people’s links on your site), because, very often, this can be damaged. And, yes, there really is such a danger.

But if you are seriously considering placing links on your resource, then here are a few services that will help you with this.

  1. Posting articles

Placement of articles on your website for a fee today is gaining momentum. But why do site owners need to pay other resources to post articles? The answer is simple – for SEO.

Article marketing is a safer way to promote a web resource than just placing contextual links. Especially when it comes to posting articles on a trust resource, such as news portals.

For example, you have a small culinary blog and have recently created your website on WordPress. To promote it to the right audience, a very good opportunity would be to write author’s articles on other popular resources with a link to your site.

Or another example – you are promoting an online store of goods from China. An excellent source of traffic, in this case, will be articles written about the benefits of products of your category with the presented line of products.

Whatever business you promote, posting articles is a more efficient and safer way to optimize the resource externally. And if you yourself imagine a site where other articles can be posted, you can make good money on it.

List of services that will help you in posting articles:


Website monetization today is not at all a complicated process. However, the most difficult thing in this is to work on your own resource promotion yourself. Because the site will not receive revenue from clicks on banners, and it will not post articles if the site does not have sufficient traffic.

Therefore, in most cases, website monetization begins after the webmaster himself has used all the above methods to promote his site: he conducted advertising campaigns, purchased links and published articles on third-party resources.

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