Best wordpress caching plugin: 3 plugins to increase page loading speed

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A WordPress caching plugin is one of the main ways to increase the speed of website page loading, which is a prerequisite for technical SEO optimization. Today, page loading speed is one of the key search engine ranking metrics and requires careful consideration to get the best results.

Many components affect the website loading speed: CDN, optimization of images and other page elements (JS, CSS), plugin overload, quality of hosting provider and response time. However, the easiest way to get started with technical SEO is to install a quality WordPress caching plugin.

In this article, we will analyze the 3 most popular plugins today, and also answer the question: which one is better?

Best WordPress Caching Plugin

1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache free wordpress caching plugin

The most popular free WordPress caching plugin on the internet. According to some reports, on an average site, using this plugin gives a 20% increase in loading speed.

Also, the plugin has many additional features: using its own CDN, support for AMP pages from Google, excellent support for mobile traffic. Also, given more than 1 million installations and an average score of 4.3, it is not hard to understand how popular this solution is among WordPress website owners.

With a good setup and use of all the offered functions to increase the loading speed, this WordPress caching plugin will show excellent results on any site: from a personal blog to a large online store.

2. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache плагин кэширования WordPress

The second most popular free WordPress caching plugin. The plugin currently has over 1 million installations and an average rating of 4.8.

The main distinguishing feature of the plugin is the recommended “simple” configuration method, which allows you to set the required caching settings in just one click. Also, new updates are constantly being released for the plugin, allowing it to improve the application’s work taking into account WordPress updates.

The main disadvantage compared to competitors is the lower increase in page loading speed. Compared to the previous plugin, WP Fastest Cache gives an average of about 15% growth on an average website.

This WordPress caching plugin will be useful, first of all, for the owners of small sites and blogs who need only the essentials. And this system can cope with this task literally at the press of one button.

3.WP Rocket

WP Rocket the best wordpress caching plugin

WP Rocket is the most popular premium solution on the market today. This is not just a WordPress caching plugin, it is a whole site optimization system with its additional features such as internal CDN, image optimization and lazy loading, cache preloading and many other addons.

On the average website, this plugin can increase page loading speed by an average of 34%, or in the order of 1.5 seconds in real time. Although this speed will not cost users cheap: the cost of the plugin starts at $ 49 per site.

This WordPress caching plugin is often used on large portals with a lot of traffic. Also, a large number of webmasters and SEO specialists have found a special way to optimize pages: use WP Rocket together with the Cloudflare CDN service.


For most young site owners, I can recommend WP Fastest Cache because it allows you to speed up your site effortlessly. For most new sites, this will be enough.

If you have been developing your resource for some time, and you are not yet ready to invest in premium solutions – W3 Total Cache is what you need. With due diligence, this WordPress caching plugin can help you dramatically improve your search engine rankings.

If you are engaged in large resources such as an online store, a news portal, a popular blog, or provide online services in demand, then you should definitely try WP Rocket.

This plugin works great on sites with high traffic, which in combination with a high-quality CDN, for example, with Cloudflare, will give a huge increase in download speed. Don’t underestimate the plugins you have to pay for – 99% of the time they are a good investment in your business.


Always check your page loading speed on popular services created specifically for this task. I always use GTmetrix and Google Page Speed Insight. I advise you to always check the optimization status before and after caching to find out how much the plugin is affecting your page loading speed.

By the way … This site uses WP Rocket

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