Brand promotion: 3 key success factors

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Brand promotion today is not just a set of standard methods that are expected to lead to success and sales growth. Buyers require a personalized approach, so this must be taken into account in the promotion strategy.

But how to use the necessary mechanisms to come to success? Spoiler: modern technology is indispensable.

Brand promotion: 3 success factors

  1. Stay in trend

Brand management today, especially in large international companies, is distinguished by a trend following fashion and personalized advertising. Temporary trends, sometimes even regional in the framework of a particular country, with proper use, can lead to significant results.

For example, the Russian meme “How do you like Ilon Mask?” remained trendy for a long time, and many companies, especially international ones, used the hype wave to start their brand promotion.

Powerful regional brands, some of which belong to large federal players, will also be a good example. For example, many small beer producers in Russia were purchased by large companies, and now their regional brands, which were leaders in their regional market, also remain relevant, but are already working to strengthen the position of another company.

Продвижение бренда

  1. Change after the audience (or look for a new one)

Today, no one will remember what packaging the famous soda had 20 years ago. Why? Because they are constantly changing! And the fact that they are changing successfully means one thing – such companies are well aware of their loyal and potential audience.

To change after the change of generations, culture, technological progress – this is MUST in the modern world. Of course, electronics manufacturers will be the most understandable example, but even car companies are constantly changing their approach to promotion, in order to reach a new audience – or even a new generation.

It is also worth mentioning about quasi brands. Quasi-brands are product lines that are launched in addition to the main ones. Most often they have a lower cost, which greatly expands their availability. And sometimes such a brand, because of its price, brings the company the bulk of the profit.

Therefore, if your company has a feeling that the audience wants to buy your product, but it needs something more, it’s not just a feeling. A good way out of such a sales deadlock is to launch a quasi-brand on the market that will be more modern and will communicate with a new audience in their language.

Target audience

  1. Search for new ways of promotion

Trade marketing with digital codes, rewards, exclusive offers in individual retail chains and online stores, e-mail marketing, sales funnels, automation of business processes, working with CRM and so on – without these tools you can’t imagine a modern company.

However, the fact of having, for example, a sales funnel in an online store will not lead to higher profits. The important thing is how you use it. For example, if you want to attract a modern audience, then you need to write e-mail newsletters in a modern language. And set up a popup in a sales funnel with a modern design and copywriting.

Brand promotion

Brand promotion in the 21st century must be modern, which means using a clear language for a modern audience. Make your product trendy and change after your audience, and modern marketing and sales tools will only help you achieve success.

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