Off page SEO optimization: 5 types of resources for successful website promotion

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Off page SEO optimization is, in fact, the citation of the promoted site on the Internet, that is, the number of backlinks leading to the promoted resource. Off page SEO optimization is a mandatory component of any SEO work, and has recently been gaining more and more priority from search engines.

Here it is worth making a reservation right away: any search engine does not like it when trust in a site (“trust”) is increased by artificial methods, and there are special filters to prevent such actions – Yandex Minusinsk and Google Penguin.

In this article, we will analyze the main 5 types of resources for off page SEO optimization, and how to use them correctly so as not to fall under the filter.

Off page SEO optimization: 5 types of resources for successful website promotion

  1. Thematic sites

One of the main metrics to watch out for in any SEO job is the site’s “trust”. Moreover, in order to effectively build up the link mass and increase the “trust” of the site, you need backlinks from a site with a similar theme.

One of the very simple examples is when the author of a culinary blog writes articles and participates in the development of a side project in order to promote his own. This is a very common practice on the Internet – third-party authors share content on thematic resources.

There is also another way to get backlinks from thematic resources – buy them through third-party services. More on this below.

  1. Link exchanges

Link exchanges have existed for a very long time, and they are engaged in selling or renting links on third-party resources. Nowadays, there is no single opinion whether this is beneficial or harmful to the promoted site, but the effect of buying links will definitely be there.

Many SEO specialists do not recommend buying links, because with a sudden increase in the link mass, the site may be under the filter. However, other experts believe that with a moderate growth in links from thematic resources stretched over time, you can get a qualitative growth in search results.

  1. Social networks

Search engines are very fond of transitions from social networks, but the very fact of the presence of a link there does not add “trust” to the site. However, this method of external optimization is very popular today – because in every blog article there is an opportunity to share it on social networks.

An important point to consider when such a promotion is that there is no need to randomly spam links to the site being promoted. Optimization, in this case, should be natural. For example, posting articles in your accounts and groups, comments on other people’s posts, and so on.

  1. Directories

Today, there are so-called directories on the network that allow you to place a link to the promoted resource in them. However, you do not need to trust every directory that comes across – it is likely that it is under the filter.

In this case, the link placed in it will not do anything other than harm.

  1. Forums

Forums can be a good option for promoting your site, but only if your comment is not removed from there. The main rule of posting comments on forums is to make the link “embed” natural.

For this purpose, you need to select only thematic forums, and write the desired comment there. In this case, the webmaster can forgive you for promoting your resource on the forum.


Off page SEO optimization is one of the two main ranking factors that increase the trust of a search engine in a promoted resource. However, it also carries its own risks – in the first place, the risk of falling under the filter.

I advise you to treat offsite optimization very carefully, and always control the link mass through third-party services, such as ahrefs. It is also important to take it as a rule: place a backlink only in accordance with the subject of the promoted resource.

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